The Church keeps no official list of “approved” wedding music, but we hope to offer these guidelines that will help you choose music that is liturgically correct, expresses your faith as couple and supports the text as an expression of Christian faith.

Music chosen for a wedding ceremony must encourage those in attendance into full, conscious and active participation in the wedding liturgy.

 There are (3) judgments to consider when choosing music:

 1. Musical Judgment

Even if the music is contemporary, traditional, classical or instrumental, is the song musically sound? Can it assist the assembly to express and share the gift of faith that you have as a couple? Is the music beautiful, according to your culture and taste? To get an idea of what the music will sound like, listen to the list of sample songs on I-tunes or youtube, or other comparable music website.

The voices and instruments of the gathered assembly should not be replaced by recorded music before, during, or after the liturgical celebration.

2. Liturgical Judgment

Is the text of the music consistent with the nature of the liturgy? Is the text of the music prayerful? Does it help the assembly to pray and to give thanks to God for your love?

Couples are encouraged to choose religious songs.Music usually sung at Sunday Mass is appropriate for a wedding liturgy. Popular songs or rock songs, Broadway, film music, top 40 songs, even if they have a spiritual theme, are usually not appropriate for liturgy.

3. Pastoral Judgment

Does the music allow full, active and conscious participation of the assembly? We need you to be role models for the wedding party. Help wedding guests be participants, not spectators. Choose songs and acclamations that may be familiar to most of your guests, and will assist them to actively participate in sung prayer. Singing is one of the most powerful ways your family and friends can show their support and love for you and your spouse, “Sing once, pray twice”

At MMGC, we have musicians and singers. The keyboard and guitar are available. Psalmists are likewise available. A psalmist sings the verses of the Responsorial Psalm, and the assembly sings the refrain. The psalmist is not a “soloist”, though he/she may sing a sacred song during the liturgy or as part of the prelude music.


All music is to be approved by the Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Parish Music Ministry Coordinator. The popular “Here Comes the Bride” and “Wedding March” do not belong in a Catholic wedding liturgy.

Here are the reasons:
      a. The music originated from theatrical repertoire
      b. It portrays marriage in a way that differs from the Church.
      c. The impression focuses on the bride alone.

If you are at all curious if a song may be appropriate ask yourself, “Will this song help us, our family and friends, to lift up our hearts in prayer?”


Here is the list of songs that MAY BE used during the wedding liturgy. This by no means is a complete list. If you have questions about the appropriateness of any music you may suggest, please contact the MMGC Parish Music Ministry Coordinator through his email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Most of these songs can be listened to on several music web sites for FREE.

The Directors of Liturgy of the Philippines has issued a circular stating, “It is not permissible to sing secular love songs within the liturgy. A sacred song with the theme of love may be sung as the Song of Praise after the Rite of Marriage or during Communion, if marriage is celebrated within Mass. Popular love songs may be sung only after the celebration.”

Because of the nature of the Wedding Celebration, and because of the joy of the occasion, it is recommended that the assembly join in singing:

    a. Gathering Hymn (optional)
    b. Responsorial Psalm
    c. Gospel Acclamation


If you are planning a full Mass, you will choose all of the choices above, plus

    d. Preparation of gifts, sung or instrumental
    e. Sanctus (Holy Holy,Holy )
    f. Memorial acclamation,
    g. Great Amen,
    h. Lord’s Prayer
    i. Lamb of God
    j. Communion Hymn



It is preferable to have only one processional song which promotes unity with the bridal party. If you want more than one processional song, please consult the Music Coordinator
1. Air (from the Water Music)                   Handel

2. Canon in D                                           Pachelbel

3. Hornpipe (from Water Music)               Handel

4. LaRejouissance                                    Handel

5. May It Be                                              Enya

6. Ode to Joy                                            Beethoven

7. Prelude from Te Deum                         Charpentier

8. Prince of Denmark March                    Clarke

9. Rondeau                                               Mouret

10. Trumpet Tune                                     Purcell



Once the bridal party has completed the processional, the couple may choose to sing a gathering song, to unite the assembly in prayer. While a gathering song isn’t required, it acts as a unifying agent for the assembly.

1.   All Are Welcome                                 Haugen

2.   All Creatures of our God and King

3.   Gather Us In                                       Haugen

4.   Gather Your People                            Hurd

5.   Glory and Praise

6.   Hear Us Now, Our God and Father

7.   Joyful, Joyful We Adore You

8.   Love Divine, All Love’s Excelling

9.   Now Thank We All Our God

10. Praise to the Lord

11. This Day Was Made by the Lord        Walker

12. When Love is Found                          Haas

13. Where Love is Found                        Schutte

14. Where There Is Love                         Haas



You may wish to have the psalm recited or sung. If your preference is for a sung psalm, you will need a psalmist. The psalmist sings the refrain, and the assembly repeats the refrain and the psalmist sings the verses It is important that the text be a psalm; a solo or other sacred song cannot be used.

1. Psalm 33: The Earth Is Full of the Goodness

2. Psalm 34: Taste and See

3. Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful

4. Psalm 128: Blest Are Those who Love You

5. Psalm 145: Our God is Compassion

6. Psalm 148: Let All Praise the Name



The gospel acclamation should always be sung. Any of the Gospel acclamations sung on Sunday are appropriate.



If you are having a full Mass, an instrumental song may be played or a short song for the Offertory (and the procession) may be used:

1.   Alay sa Diyos                                        Francisco, SJ

2.   Gifts for our Lord                                   Cohen

3.   Isang Alay                                             Marcelo

4.   Kapuri-puri ang Poong Maykapal         Cayabyab

5.   Pasasalamat ng Puso                           Consolacion

6.   Sumasamo Kami                                  Judan

7.   The Seed                                              Mercelo

8.   Unang Alay                                           Magnaye

9.   We Bring To You, Father                       Rodriguez/Velasco

Please arrange with the Parish Secretary if you intend to have a procession of gifts.  This will have to be coordinated with our Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors.



1.   Anima Christi                                          Arboleda

2.   Awit ng Paghahangad                            Cenzon, SJ

3.   Bread of Life                                           Fisher

4.   Gift of Finest Wheat                                Kreutz

5.   Here I Am                                               Schutte

6.   Here in this Place                                   Haas

7.   Hidden God                                            Francisco, SJ

8.   I Have Loved You                                   Joncas

9.   One Bread, One Body                            Foley

10. On Eagle’s Wings                                   Joncas

11. Panis Angelicus                                      Franck

12. Prayer of St Francis                                Pote

13. Sa Yo Lamang                                        Francisco, SJ

14. Tanging Yaman                                       Francisco SJ

15. You are Mine                                           Haas



Since the contract signing and the pictorial take place in the church, songs should also reflect the mystery being celebrated. Again, popular love songs that have no reference to marriage and God are better sang during the wedding reception. Below are recommended songs during this rite:


1.   Cherish the Treasure                              Green

2.   Ikaw                                                        Canseco

3.   Ikaw Lamang

4.   I Will Be Here                                          Chapman

5.   I’ve Dreamed of You                                Lovland/Calloway

6.   Light of a Million Mornings                       Hayes

7.   Love is the Answer                                  Hannissian

8.   One Hand, One Heart                              Bernstein

9.   Panunumpa                                             Gonzalez, SJ

10. Song of Ruth                                            Norbert

11. The Prayer                                                Foster/Sager/Testa/Renis

12. This is the Day Wedding Song

13. To Have and To Hold                                Belamide

14. Two Words                                               Ocampo

15. When God Made You

We hope that we have clarified the requirements and liturgical norms that we follow at MMGC Parish. We will appreciate any query or points of clarification from you.

Thank you very much.

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