PUNCTUALITY IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE to avoid cancellation of appointment. The dates and time of the following shall be given ahead of time:

     1. Canonical Interview
     2. Marriage Counseling
     3. Marriage Preparation Seminar  (Pre-Cana, Catechism, Natural Family Planning)
     4. Confession
     5. Rehearsal (as requested)


1. Attendance during the Canonical interview and Marriage Counseling on the appointed date are ESSENTIAL. Please find time to attend these sessions.

2. Guest Priest who is invited to solemnize the wedding, must present his "celebret" (i.e. A document that guarantees his good standing in his diocese/archdiocese) and a photocopy of the Certificate of Renewal of Registration and Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM).

3. Parish will only give Marriage Application Form to applicants 27 years old and above.

4. The Ceremony should start exactly at the scheduled time (Please refer to no. 11.)

5. For the convenience of all, ring and coin bearers and flower girls should be at least five (5) years old.

6. The Certificate of Marriage will be given right after the wedding.

7. Showering of flowers, rice, confetti, etc. is not allowed inside and outside the church.

8. The parish’s Wedding Ministry, not wedding coordinators, will do the arrangements in the parish church.

9. Proper church decorum is strictly enforced. Ladies (bride, mothers, bridal entourage, sponsors, guests, etc.) are expected to dress properly and decently for church. Ladies wearing dresses with plunging/revealing necklines or backless attires will not be allowed to enter the church. Likewise, gentlemen should wear the proper church attire. (No "sandos" no slippers, no torn jeans, etc.)

10. To avoid embarrassing situations, it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to inform their entourage, sponsors, guests, ahead of time, of the dress code. (Please refer to no. 9)

11. The church reserves the right to refuse entry/ request departure from the church premises anyone who is drunk, misbehaving during the rite, or is under the influence of drugs at any time.

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