1. Upon arranging, couple is requested to submit UPDATED Baptismal Certificates (issued not later than six months before the wedding), with the specification for MARRIAGE PURPOSES only.

2. To avoid expiration of the Marriage License, apply for the license preferably at your Municipality two months before the wedding. (Note: Marriage License is valid for 120 days only.)

3. Confirmation Certificate (Kumpil) stamped by issuing church "For Marriage Purposes Only."

4. Our Parish Office will issue the following forms:

     a. Banns and Permit forms for the Bride to secure permission from her Parish Priest to marry outside of her parish. (Given on the day of interview).

      b. The Banns should be posted in the bride's parish church for three (3) consecutive Sundays.

    c. The Banns for the groom announcing his forthcoming marriage should be posted in his parish church for three (3) consecutive Sundays.

5. Individual 2x2 pictures of the Bride and Groom upon reservation.

6. Submission of the following at least one month before the scheduled wedding date:

     a. Marriage License (released 15 days from date of request from the Municipal/City Hall)

     b. Updated Baptismal Certificates of Bride and Groom
         (marked “For Marriage Purposes”)

     c. Banns and Permit from the respective parishes of the bride and groom duly signed by their parish priest

     d. Confirmation Certificates of Bride and Groom
         (marked “For Marriage Purposes”)

     e. Full names of principal sponsors

     f. Complete payment of the wedding fees

7. For Foreigners:

    a. Certification of Free Status to Marry from the embassy of the country of origin

    b. Certification of Freedom to Marry from the parish priest, pastor or religious leader

    c. Photocopy of pages 1 and 2 of the passport

    d. Endorsement from the Japanese chaplain, if a Japanese citizen

    e. Clearance from the chancery

8. For Those Previously Married but Annulled:

    a. Certificate of Previous Marriage

    b. Certificate of Finality of Civil Annulment or Divorce

    c. Church Declaration of Nullity of previous marriage

9. For Widow/Widower:

    a. Certificate of Previous Marriage

    b. Death Certificate of Deceased Spouse

10. For Non-Catholics:

    a. Baptismal Certificate or Certificate of Religious Affiliation

    b. Certification of Freedom to Marry from pastor or religious leader. In case there is no religious affiliation, Certificate of No Marriage from the NSO.

    c. Petition for Permission for the Celebration of Mixed Marriage or Petition for the Decree of Dispensation from the Impediment of Disparity of Cult signed by contracting parties and endorsed by the parish priest.

    d. Permission for Mixed Marriage or Decree of Dispensation from Disparity of Cult issued by the chancery.

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