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Dear Couple:


When we think of weddings, we automatically think of the bride and the groom and their love for one another. There is much more involved in your love and your marriage than just the two of you. There are your family and friends who have helped bring you to this point and who will continue to support and encourage you as you begin your new life together. And, most importantly, there is God who is the source of your love and whose love for you is reflected in your love for one another. That is why your decision to share your lives, and to grow together in Christian love calls for a special celebration in and with the faith community, the parish.

People in love make signs of love, not only to express their love but also to deepen it. Love that is never expressed dies.  The Christian's  love for Christ and for each other, the Christian's  faith in Christ and in each other, must be expressed in the signs and symbols of the celebration.

Everything about the wedding ceremony witnesses to all those present your understanding that you are entering a sacred and holy union - a sacrament. Therefore, everything about the service, including the music, calls for careful planning that will contribute to this understanding. If it does not, then it is unsuitable for your wedding celebration because it is unworthy of the occasion. Everyone present at your wedding will be led by the dignity and beauty of the liturgy to a deeper understanding of Christian marriage and, consequently, to a greater commitment to it. In a sense, your wedding is your gift to your family and friends. It is your invitation for them to enter into and share your faith, your love, your prayer. We know that you are anxious to make it the best possible gift.

Thank you for considering Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Parish as the venue of your Wedding liturgy. This was developed to give you ideas on how to individualize the prayers, readings, and music which will help you prepare the liturgy for your wedding.


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