“The media of social communications can contribute a great deal to human unity.
So among the wonderful technical inventions which foster communication among human beings,
Christians find means that have been decided under God’s providence for the encouragement of social relations ...
men are led to a mutual understanding and shared ambition, and this in turn includes them to justice and peace,
to goodwill and active charity, to mutual help, to love, and in the end, to communion.
The world of communications, then, provides some of the most effective means for the cultivation of that charity among men
which is at one the cause and the expression of fellowship.”

Communio et Progressio, # 250, 253


The Parish Social Media and Communications Group manages parish communications and promotes parish programs, activities and needs to the community via traditional and social media. It extends the news and events of our parish into the digital realm by showcasing our spirit and work to parishioners, our diocese and the world. The team also helps our commissions, ministries and organizations inform the community of events and service opportunities in the parish. The group is involved with the parish website, all forms of social media, the parish newsletter and bulletin boards. It will also be responsible in the documentation of all church activities. 

Supervised by the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Social Media and Communications Group uses everything at its disposal to proclaim the Good News and to assist in the dissemination of information coming from the Bishop, the Parish Priest and his ministries.

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