“Communio” (def.) the organic life of the Church where the diversity of gifts—like the various parts of the body—work together in complementary ways to usher in God’s reign.

St. Paul described communio using these words: “As a body is one though it has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body, so also Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12)

It is important to note that in church context, organizations and ministries must be a reflection of communio. The Church—i.e., the People of God consists of the Body of Christ and their gifts—diverse as they are—alive and at work with one another “transforming all things in Christ Jesus.” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that communio requires a harmonious coexistence of unity and difference, and called communio the key to the ecclesiology of Vatican II: the source, means, and the goal of the Church’s life.

The idea of a parish pastoral zone comes from the necessity of the parish priest to supervise people in clusters, ensuring a richer sense of community who are drawn together to the liturgical and non-liturgical life of the parish. Pastoral zones are meant to be the church’s communio in action, where each Catholic family is united with other families in a given vicinity, where prayer and action are experienced, and where the faith is nurtured and grows.

In a special way, the Parish of Mary, Mother of Good Counsel in Marcelo Green Village has divided the parish into twelve pastoral zones, each having a team of coordinators who are expected to vivify the parishioners in their faith. Twelve symbolizes God's power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation. In the Bible, twelve symbolizes completeness or the nation of Israel as a whole. Jesus called and chose twelve men to bear witness to what he did and to spread the good news of the gospel to the entire world.

These twelve zones are expected to engage in various activities that will promote the ideal of communio in the church. Members of the pastoral zone use these moments of encounter and dialogue with each other and with the pastor to enrich their Christian lives.

As a Marian parish, these twelve zones were asked to each adopt a Marian patroness, whereupon a feastday is to be observed as an opportunity for the community to gather for a zonal Mass and fellowship. Liturgically, these pastoral zones are further expected to sponsor in the monthly Marian dawn procession, observe the Lenten Stations of the Cross, the October rosary recitation, the Aguinaldo masses and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The monthly assignment for the dawn procession is as follows:

January        PPZ 3 (Aroma)
                     Patroness: Our Lady of Fatima
                     Coordinator: Remigia Cruz

February      PPZ 10 (Manggahan-Kawayanan)
                     Patroness: Our Lady of Lourdes
                     Coordinators:  Zeny Queja and Amalia Solo

March          PPZ  11A (Phase 4) and 11B (Phase 3)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
                    Coordinators:  Manuel Jacela (Ph 4)
                                           Cezar II and Ma Angelina Tirol (Ph 3)

April             PPZ 5 (Phase 1)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag
                    Coordinators:  Shirley Pena and Rosita Cadapan

May             PPZ 6A (Phase 2 South) and 6B (Millbrae)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
                    Coordinators:  Fatima Nartates (Ph 2)
                                            Ma Theresa Moratal (Millbrae)

June            PPZ 4 (Greenvale 1 and 2)
                    Patroness: Our Mother of Perpetual Help
                    Coordinator:  Lorna Kagingin

July              PPZ 2 (Cervantes)
                    Patroness: Rosa Mystica
                    Coordinators:  Vicky Alejandrino and Jenngen Labaniego

August         PPZ 9 (Buensuceso)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of Buensuceso
                    Coordinator:  Cora Franca

September  PPZ 8 (Phase 9)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of Remedies
                    Coordinators:  Precy Gumogda and Raquel Clemente

October       PPZ 7 (Phase 2 North and Gemblock)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
                    Coordinator:  Ma Nanette Mojica

November   PPZ 1 (Phase 8, Ireneville and Aquinoville)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of Miraculous Medal
                    Coordinator:  Leonila Samson

December   PPZ 12 (Phases 5 and 6)
                    Patroness: Our Lady of Guadalupe
                    Coordinators:  Villie Macahilig and Carmelo Cabriga

The establishment of Basic Ecclesial Communities is set in the context of our parish pastoral zones. The renewal of the faith, the proclamation of the Word and the Eucharist are means that consciously strive to integrate the Christian faith in their daily lives. Indeed, the call to New Integral Evangelization has the pastoral zone as its setting.

Non-liturgically, the pastoral zone is expected to enliven its members through activities that promote sound Christian and Filipino values. Advocacies on electoral reform and good governance, on disaster risk reduction management, on health and wellness, are best carried out in the pastoral zone levels.

Involving in the PPZs should enrich one’s relationship with God and with others. It is an effort to put Christ at the center of the pastoral life of the parish. Christ’s law of love pervades it. It is the proper role of laity to engage their pastor and bishop with the spirit of communio.

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