The team works closely with the pastor in handling the HR concerns of the office and rectory staff. The team hires, orients and evaluates the performance of the members of the staff and makes proper recommendations to the pastor. The team implements training programs for the staff, ensuring that the employees know what the parish is about, that they are committed to this understanding and to the parish’s vision and can share this vision with those around them. 

Further, the team ensures consistency of policy and procedures in the office and rectory, attracts and retains the ‘right’ employees who not only do well in their job but whose values are synchronized with the church, sustains and enables a work community by empowering the staff through learning and development opportunities. Finally, the team recognizes the gifts and talents of the staff, leading them to flourish within the organization.

Chairman:                Msgr. Melchor David

Coordinator:             Carmelo Cabriga

Members:                 Aurora Frias
                                 Atty Ma. Vilma Fabian
                                 Elvira Balinang

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