August 21, 2017


The MMGC Parish Pastoral Assembly held on August 21, 2017 brought together a record number of participants (143) representing the cross section of our parish communities, who shared their parish-life experiences and offered their ideas and personal service towards a more vibrant church, responsive to the needs of its members. Herewith are the results of the spirit-filled conference:

A. Renewal and Ownership of the MMGC Parish Vision and Mission:


Inspired by Mary’s servanthood and holiness, we, the parishioners of Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Parish, Barangay Marcelo Green, Paranaque City, envision ourselves as a community of evangelizers and servants of God’s Kingdom, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the protection of Mary, our Mother of Good Counsel.


To realize this vision, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Living a Spiritual Life;
  • Spreading and Witnessing to the Word of Jesus Christ;
  • Christ-like Compassion and Service to the poor, the needy and the sick;
  • Journeying Humbly as a Community in Service of the Lord following Mary’s faith in the midst of adversity.

B. Adopted Resolutions:

  1. To bring about a more cohesive and easily identifiable clustering of the different communities in the parish, the Pastoral Zones are hereby recognized into MMGC Communities as follows:

    1. MMGC Phase 1
    2. MMGC Phase 2
    3. MMGC Phase 3
    4. MMGC Phase 4
    5. MMGC Phase 5
    6. MMGC Phase 6
    7. MMGC Phase 8
    8. MMGC Phase 9
    9. MMGC Aquinoville and Ireneville
    10. MMGC Aroma Compound
    11. MMGC Buensuceso
    12. MMGC Cervantes Compound
    13. MMGC Gemblock
    14. MMGC Gemblock
    15. MMGC Greenvale 1 and 2
    16. MMGC Manggahan-Kawayanan
    17. MMGC Millbrae

    Corollary to the aforesaid reorganization, all MMGC Communities will have Mary, Mother of Good Counsel as their common patroness.

    Effectivity:  Liturgical Calendar 2018 (Beginning First Sunday of Advent 2017)

  2. Each MMGC Community will have a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Community Coordinator, assisted by at least one Coordinator for each of the six Parish Commissions, namely:

    a. Commission on Liturgy and Popular Religiosity (CLPR);
    b. Commission on Basic Ecclesial Communities and New Evangelization (COMBANE);
    c. Commission on Catechesis and Religious Education (COMCARE);
    d. Commission on the Family (CoF);
    e. Commission on Service to Human Promotion (CoSHP); and
    f. Commission on Youth (CoY)

    Effectivity:  Liturgical Calendar 2018

  3. To bring to life the essence of Basic Ecclesial Communities as a new way of being church, all bukluran groups, transparochial and renewal communities, prayer groups and parish servants will be enjoined to attend Basic formation seminars and workshops, with Basic Bliblical Studies.

    Effectivity:  September 2017

  4. For wider dissemination of the parish programs, activities and circulars, as well as provide a venue for parishioners to give feedback and suggestions to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), a Parish Social Media and Communications Group will be established. Among its initial projects are:

    a. Put up and maintain Parish Bulletin Boards in all the different MMGC Communities, in coordination with and with the approval of the respective Homeowners Associations. The cost of the said bulletin boards will be shouldered by the parish.
    b. Put up and maintain Parish Commissions Bulletin Boards in a strategic location within the parish church grounds, in coordination and approval of Phase 1 and 2 Parks Committee, if required.
    c. Maintenance and management of the MMGC Parish website.
    d. Publish a Parish Newsletter.

    Effectivity:  Liturgical Calendar 2018

  5. Our Parish Fiesta will be celebrated on April 26, the actual feast day of our patroness, Mary Mother of Good Counsel, when this date falls on a Sunday. Otherwise, the fiesta will be celebrated on the nearest Sunday after April 26.

    Effectivity:  Liturgical Calendar 2018

  6. To deepen and spead awareness of the programs of the various commissions, each Parish Commission will celebrate a Commission Day every year, with the following schedule:

    a. CLPR Day to coincide with Corpus Christi Sunday
    b. COMBANE/BEC Day to coincide with Pentecost Sunday
    c. COMCARE Day on the last Sunday of September
    d. CoSHP Day to coincide with Alay Kapwa Sunday/ Palm Sunday
    e. CoF Day to coincide with the Feast of the Holy Family
    f.  CoY Day to coincide with the World Youth Day celebration outside of Rome; when WYD is celebrated in Rome, the Parish Youth Day will coincide with the National Youth Day, which falls on December 16 of each year.

    Effectivity:  Liturgical Calendar 2018

  7. Two of the Sunday mass schedules will be assigned as Children and Youth masses as follows:

    a. 4:00 PM Mass for Children’s Mass to be celebrated in Filipino, to be preceded by the Sunday school/catechism at 3:00 PM
    b. 5:30 PM for Youth Mass

    Both Masses will follow the prescribed liturgical rituals, but with the lectors, commentators and choirs coming from among the ranks of the children and youth.

    Effectivity:  September 2017 (Children’s Mass), October 2017 (Youth Mass)

  8. Sung masses will only be done during solemnities and on specific masses prescribed by the parish priest.

    Effectivity:  September 2017

  9. A 40th Anniversary Committee will be created to prepare and lay the groundwork for the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment/Foundation of our Parish on May 18, 2019. The members of the committee will be appointed by our Parish Priest, Msgr. Mel David.

    Effectivity:  October 2017

    Encouraged by the excellent results of the recent Parish Pastoral Assembly, the PPA will henceforth be an annual activity of the parish, on a date determined and announced by the Parish Priest.

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