In him, who rose from the dead,
our hope of resurrection dawned.
The sadness of death gives way
to the bright promise of immortality.

Lord, for your faithful people life is changed, not ended.
When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death
we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.



The ministries of the church touch its members in all areas of life as well as in death. Viewed with the eye of faith, death is not so much a finality to be feared as the gateway to the fullness of life in the presence of God.

In May 1963, the Catholic Church approved cremation for Catholics who so choose, provided the reason for cremation was not contrary to Christian belief. The Church teaches that cremated remains should be buried or inurned and receive the Rite of Committal. The Church reminds us that the scattering of the cremated remains, keeping them at home, or dividing them among family members and friends, are not reverent dispositions.

With cremation now increasingly used as an alternative to burial, Christians prefer burial space on the premises of the church itself. The columbarium is a means by which one's remains may be kept in or near his or her parish church as an enduring place of rest. A columbarium is a structure with niches, or compartments, for urns containing ashes of the dead. From the Latin word columba, ("dovecote") this structure is reminiscent of the compartmentalized housing for doves or homing pigeons.

DSCF3288 The columbarium is an answer to the concern of the Christian community to participate in the proper disposition and identification of the earthly remains of those who have shared the fellowship of our parish family. This is to be a place especially for those who love Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Church and have a sense of closeness to it, which they would like to preserve after death. It is also a hallowed ground, sacred to the memory of those who have departed from our midst, and a place of meditation and consolation for the families of the deceased.

Built in May 2003, the columbaria was designed by Architect Jesus Lunel Pascual. This has a pleasant setting adjacent to our church and ensures a quiet environment for prayerful visits. Available are 3 and 7 urns per unit, and eye-level with three urns/unit. Those inurned at the columbarium are included in the intentions of our daily Masses. Annually, the blessing rite takes place after the All Souls’ Day morning Mass.

We invite you to consider reserving a niche, or as many as you can anticipate needing for your family. It is suggested that you make such decisions as part of your overall estate planning. Please contact the Parish Office if interested in acquiring a niche.


Columbaria Board of Directors

The Board works closely with the pastor and the Parish Finance Council in handling the concerns of the columbaria. The Board monitors the finances and needed improvements in the columbaria.

Chairman:        Lorenzo Garcia, Jr.

Treasurer:         Aurora Frias

Members:         Don Mario Dia

             Eduardo Policarpio

Legal Adviser:  Atty Manuel Jacela

Secretary:        Yolanda Cruz




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