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Canon Law (519) provides that "The pastor (parochus) is the proper pastor (pastor) of the parish entrusted to him, exercising the pastoral care of the community committed to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop in whose ministry of Christ he has been called to share, so that for that same community he carries out the functions of teaching, sanctifying, and governing, also with the cooperation of other presbyters or deacons and with the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful."

Further, Canon Law 528.1 states, "A pastor is obliged to make provision so that the word of God is proclaimed in its entirety to those living in the parish; for this reason, he is to take care that the lay members of the Christian faithful are instructed in the truths of the faith, especially by giving a homily on Sundays and holy days of obligation and by offering catechetical instruction. He is to foster works through which the spirit of the gospel is promoted, even in what pertains to social justice. He is to have particular care for the Catholic education of children and youth. He is to make every effort, even with the collaboration of the Christian faithful, so that the message of the gospel comes also to those who have ceased the practice of their religion or do not profess the true faith."

When a priest accepts a parish, he becomes its appointed leader, the bond of communion, the designated head, and the father in the faith to this community of believers. He is also called to be a servant of the people. Moreover, he is to be the animator, motivating his people to work together, and at the same time to be the healer, bringing peace and unity to avert division in the community. Consultation with parishioners, as individuals and as groups, is required for a pastor to carry out his duties responsibly.

Over the years, Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Parish has had the following pastors who took good care of the souls entrusted to them, caring for them following the example of the Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd.


May 1979-October 1981                                                    
     Rev Fr. (now Msgr) Ernesto A. Joaquin

October 1981- March 1988
     Rev Fr. Gaudencio G. Salise

April 1988-April 1989
     Rev Fr. Dionisio P. De Pedro

 May 1989- October 1992
     Rev Fr. (now Msgr) Roberto C. Canlas

November 1992-April 1993
     Rev Fr. Hernane Denolo (laicized)

May 1993- June 2001
     Rev Fr. Jose P. Miranda

June 2001-September 2005
     Rev Fr. Virginio B. Pedregosa 

September 2005-September 2006
     Rev Msgr. Jose C. Bernardo, PC

September 2006- October 2010
     Rev Fr. Alfredo M. Ramos

October 2010- June 2011
     Rev Fr. Christian Emmanuel C. Gabinete
          Parochial Vicar:  Rev Fr Carmelo Estores

 July 2011- January 2012
     Rev Fr. Enrico S. Salazar
           Parochial Vicar:  Rev Fr Angel Venancio Sanchez

January 9, 2012-June 30, 2017
     Rev Fr. Francisco R. Siguan Jr

July 1, 2017-
      Rev. Msgr. Melchor D. David, PC


VISITING and GUEST PRIESTS: Past and Present

     Rev Fr. Joseph Amaegwu, CMF
     Rev Fr Joven Antique (Diocese of Pasig)
     Rev Fr. Gerardo Battad, SDB
     Rev Fr. Carlos Bautista   (Diocese of Tandag)
     Rev Fr. Daniele Bertoldi, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Ilidio Correira, SDB
     Rev Fr. Jose Florizel Dabalos  
     Rev Fr. Christmar Daguno  (Military Ordinariate)
     Rev Fr. Rafael De la Cruz Jr, SDB
     Rev Fr. Vitaliano Dimaranan, SDB

     Rev Fr. David Domingues, MCCJ
     Rev Fr. Patrick Ekeogu, CMF
     Rev Fr. Alton Fernandez, SDB
     Rev Fr. Eduardo Fernandez, RCJ
     Rev Fr. Gregorio Garcia (Diocese of Cabanatuan)
     Rev Fr. Liton Hubert Gomes, CSC
     Rev Fr. Rainer Herradura (Missionaries of Faith)
     Rev Fr. Charles Isagan   (Diocese of Kalibo)
     Rev Fr. Glicerio Jimenez (now with the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)
     Rev Fr. Rene Lagaya, SDB
     Rev Fr. Renan Michael La Guardia, SDB

     Rev Fr. Elio Lancini, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Eulogio Lawenko, Jr. (Diocese of Legazpi)

     Rev Fr. Jhonatan Letada, SVD
     Rev Fr. Celestino Lingad Jr, SDB
     Rev Fr. Ricardo Llorag Jr, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Martin Macasaet, SDB
     Rev Fr. Danilo Madera (Diocese of Surigao)
     Rev Fr. Jerry Malatamban, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Ronald Manabat   (Prelature of Basco)
     Rev Fr. Rodolfo Maramba, CFIC
     Rev Fr. (now Msgr.) Mario Martinez (Diocese of Paranaque)
     Rev Fr. Rev Fr. Edilberto Medina
  (Diocese of Gumaca)
     Rev Fr. Manuel Medina (Diocese of Ilagan)
     Rev Fr. Anthony Nguyen, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Anthony Nguyen, SDB

     Rev Fr. Ramon Owera, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Celestino Pascual   (Archdiocese of Manila)

     Rev Fr. Paolo Pirlo, SHMI
     Rev Fr. Glenn Joseph Protacio, SDB
     Rev Fr. Rolando Rabaca   (Diocese of Virac)

     Rev Fr. Gregory Ramos    (Diocese of Paranaque)
     Rev Fr. Shaymol Lawrence Rego  (Archdiocese of Dhaka)
     Rev Fr. Antonio Renoblas, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Roberto Mac Roxas, SDB
     Rev Fr. Leonard Sabio  (now with the Archdiocese of New York)
     Rev Fr. Jose Mari Sadia (Diocese of Paranaque)
     Rev Fr. Christopher Salonga, RCJ
     Rev Fr. Angel Sanchez, SDB
     Rev Fr. Arnold Sanico, SDB
     Rev Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP
     Rev Fr. Sergio Surigao  (Military Ordinariate)
     Rev Fr. Pedro Taton  (Archdiocese of Manila)
     Rev Fr. Ike Temporanza
     Rev Fr. Saju Thekkanath, CFIC
     Rev Fr. Josue Elmer Tumamak (Military Ordinariate)
     Rev Fr. Ramon Uriarte  (Diocese of Gumaca)

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