Fatima Celebration


To celebrate the Centennial of the Apparition of Our Blessed Mother in Fatima, we shall have a Penitential Procession at 4:30 AM, Floral Offering at 6 AM and Living Rosary at 5:30 PM.  We invite families and individuals to participate in these activities as we commemorate this important Marian event in the 20th century.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, appeared 6 times to 3 children: Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta; between May 13 and October 13, 1917. She came to the little village of Fatima which had remained faithful to the Catholic Church during the persecutions by the government. Our Lady came with a message from God to every man, woman, and child. Our Lady of Fatima promised that the whole world would be in peace, and that many souls would go to Heaven if Her requests were listened to and obeyed. She told us that war is a punishment for sin; that God would punish the world for its sins in our time by means of war, hunger, persecution of the Church and persecution of the Holy Father, the Pope, unless we listened to and obeyed the command of God. At Fatima, Pope John Paul II said on May 13; " the message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent " then when Our Lady first appeared. The message is an anguished appeal of our Heavenly Mother, who sees us in great danger and who comes to offer Her help and advice. Her message is also a prophesy, a clear indication of what was about to transpire in the 20th century, and what is still going to happen infallibly in the near future, depending on our response to Her requests.

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