In 1979, Mary, Mother of Good Counsel officially began as a parish community. As parishioners we have helped both the parish and the broader community to grow and mature in God's love and care through the years. For a little less than forty years,  in our Church, in homes, in houses of formation, in a school, we have celebrated the Eucharist and the sacraments. God has entered our lives to support and accompany us.

We have shared the light of the Good News with family, friends and the broader community.  We have reflected God's love and kindness to one another through care and service in time of need.  We have been signs of that love to the broader community through words and actions. 

Mary, under the title of Mother of Good Counsel, reminds us of God's saving grace in our lives.  She teaches us by her faith, hope and love to walk at her side as we journey with Jesus through life.

We look back to the humble beginnings of our parish-community, of a dream that was realized. We thank the Good Lord for the gift of faith that united us in times of difficulties, for friendships that sustained us and for the people who led us to where we are now. 

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