The practice of pilgrimage is rooted in Judaic tradition and the Jews' journey to the temple in Jerusalem.  In the early days of Christianity, the faithful continued this tradition, eagerly journeying to the Holy Land to visit and pray at those places associated with the life of Christ. During the sixth century, the pilgrimage became a penitential exercise.  In time, pilgrimages became acts of religious devotion that included not only penitential themes, but also those of intercession and gratitude.  

Pope St John Paul II once said: “Pilgrimages, a sign of the condition of the disciples of Christ in this world, have always held an important place in the life of Christians. In the course of history, Christians have always walked to celebrate their faith in places that indicate a memory of the Lord or in sites representing important moments in the history of the Church. They have come to shrines honoring the Mother of God and to those that keep the example of the saints alive. Their pilgrimage was a process of conversion, a yearning for intimacy with God and a trusting plea for their material needs. For the Church, pilgrimages, in all their multiple aspects, have always been a gift of grace”

The MMGC parish held a pilgrimage at the Shrine of  St Pregrine Laziosi during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.  From Alabang, the group walked to the shrine where a Mass was held. The group also venerated the first-class relic of St Pregerine.




God of our pilgrimage, you have given us a desire
to set out on our journey.
Lord, you know our beginning and our end.
Help us to realize we are only pilgrims on this earth
and save us from being too attached to worldly possessions.
Lead us out to live as changed people

because we have shared the Living Bread
and cannot remain the same.
Ask much of us, expect much of us,
enable much by us, encourage many through us.
Lord, may we live to your glory,
both as citizens of earth and citizens of heaven
where our pilgrimage will be complete. Amen.



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