Led by Msgr Chito Bernardo, the Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) was a rediscovery of our Catholic faith and identity, establishing a sense of fraternal belonging, developing and nurturing love of the Word of God, and a love of prayer. It is an instrument of genuine conversion, and provides venues of life-changing encounters with the Lord. They are schools of evangelistic zeal. PREX  is about the parish renewing itself. It is an experience of a family living and loving one another.



O, Most Glorious and Blessed Trinity;
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
we, Your children in the
Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) Seminar
consecrate ourselves to You,
as patron of the PREX Movement in the Philippines

Father, You created us in the first place;
Jesus redeemed us from our sins;
and the Holy Spirit gives us the power
and the strength to save our souls.
We do belong to You, body and soul.

And so we lift ourselves and our families to your Divine Majesty.
Bless all our works
for your greater glory and honor,
and the good of our fellowmen,
particularly our parishioners.
Bless our Bishops, Parish Priests and leaders
who dedicated their labors
to please Your Divine Majesty.

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