Gracious and loving God, our souls are filled with the power and joy of your song of Creation,
our hearts dance to the beat of your rhythm as we raise our voices in response to your call.
Wrapped in the arms of your sustaining and eternal Love, we offer our gift of music.
In the presence of your Holy Spirit, hearts are stilled to hear,
minds are stirred to action, lives may be transformed.
We pray that all who listen will hear with understanding,
and open themselves to feel your presence through the joy in our voices and the passion in our hearts.
We pray that all who listen will feel their spirits touched by the wonder of your mystery,
and add their own voices to our joyful noise.
May we ourselves continue to be uplifted in knowing our singing touches and uplifts many others in our faith-community.
May we cast off the burden of impossible perfection, and let our souls soar on the wings of heavenly music.
May we sing always with hearts open to your presence and your power.

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