"The Mother Butler Mission Guilds are self-effacing but indispensable to the Catholic Church in its rituals of worship. You attend to what might be called the little touches, the embellishments – the sewing of vestments, the purchase of liturgical paraphernalia, the provision of altar fixtures for poor parishes, and so on. But without such painstaking attention to detail the practice of the Catholic faith would be wanting indeed. Mother Butler Guilds do their work quietly, invisibly, but effectively. And that is the working style that I, personally, subscribe to. For as you work, no one gives much noise. But, when you are no longer there, that is when you, all that you contribute, are sorely missed...It is here where the virtues of people such as those that mark your Guilds are needed: the virtues of quiet perseverance and industry; of attention to the details that make up the larger picture; of faith that by our many small acts we shall change the world..."

                                President Corazon Aquino, Address to the Mother Butler Mission Guilds,
                                October 18, 1986

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