"Families are the domestic Church, where Jesus grows; he grows in the love of spouses, he grows in the lives of children. That is why the enemy so often attacks the family. The devil does not want the family; he tries to destroy it, to make sure that there is no love there. Families are this domestic Church."

                                        - Pope Francis Address to the XXXVII National Congress of the Renewal in the Holy Spirit,
                                          June 1, 2014


Living together is an art, a patient, beautiful, fascinating journey. It does not end once you have won each other’s love... Rather, it is precisely there where it begins! This journey of every day has a few rules that can be summed up in three phrases which you already said, phrases which I have already repeated many times to families, and which you have already learned to use among yourselves: "May I" — that is, “can I,” " thank you", and "I’m sorry."

                                       – Pope Francis Address to Engaged Couples Preparing for Marriage,
                                          February 14, 2014




O dear Jesus, I humbly implore You to grant Your special graces to our family.

May our home be the shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith.
I beg You, dear Jesus, to protect and bless all of us, absent and present,
and dead.

O Mary, loving Mother of Jesus,and our Mother,
pray to Jesus for our family, for all the families of the world,
to guard the cradle of the newborn,
the schools of the young and their vocations.

Blessed Saint Joseph, holy guardian of Jesus and Mary,
assist us by your prayers in all the necessities of life.
Ask of Jesus that special grace which He granted to you,
to watch over our home at the pillow of the sick and the dying,
so that with Mary and with you, heaven may find our family unbroken
in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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