To celebrate the 2016 Fiesta honoring our patroness, Mary Mother of Good Counsel, a musical concert was held at the church on April 30 at 8:30 PM.  Performers were the Mater Boni Consilii Grand Choir of MMGCP, Alab Vocal Ensemble of St Andrew Cathedral, Coro de San Isidro of San Isidro Parish in Las Pinas City and the 42nd Psalm Choir of the Last Supper Parish in Las Pinas City. Capping the evening of songs was the group singing of Tom Fettke's The Majesty and Glory of Your Name and the Hymn to Our Lady of Good Counsel. 



Lord our God, you have given us the gift of music, a way by which our spirit touches you.
You are the source of everything that we are, great and small.
We thank you for the wholeness which you give us despite our imperfections.
Our praise represents our thankfulness and our longing for more of you in our life.

As we listen to your gift of songs, allow us the grace to be touched by you in the wonder of the human voice,
in the sweetest of tunes, the grandest of rhythms, in the fullest of sound. 
Inspire our musicians to gladden the hearts of people by filling the air with your gift of music
and reminding them that you are the divine Musician who created all beauty.

As we aspire for excellence in our praise, allow our tongue to sing; our ears to hear, our hearts to rejoice.
Allow us to be touched by beauty for you are Beauty itself. 

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