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Scripture establishes the inviolable and inalienable dignity of the human person as created in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1: 26). On this foundation of human dignity is based the tradition of Catholic Social Teachings which repeats the need to work for, aim at, and uphold authentic human development and pursue at all times and places the common good. One principle enshrined in the tradition of social teachings is the need to dialogue with the times, the need to be in solidarity with culture, the need to be in touch with the vagaries contingent in the history of nations and peoples of the world.

The Commission on Service to Human Promotion works for the full development of human persons - especially the financially-challenged and the marginalized; and for the social conditions necessary to achieve it in order to protect their human dignity as God’s children created in His image and likeness.  The commission develops and pursues programs and supports advocacies that defend the dignity of human life and responsible care of all forms of creation though people empowerment and community development.  The commission likewise attends to the immediate needs of the community during emergencies

The diocese's flagship program for the Year of the Poor in 2014, Journey in Faith to Action was initially conceptualized by the parish commission as an experiential formation program that seeks to transform the parish community: first the individuals, by developing in them the poverty that sanctifies; then collectively as a community, by serving as instruments in alleviating the poor from the poverty that dehumanizes.

A partnership with the Commission on the Family, Commission on BEC and New Evangelization, and Commission on Catechesis and Religious Education, AKAP is one of the fruits of Journey in Faith to Action Formation Program of CoSHP in 2014. It brings together selected caring families from villages to mentor spiritually, emotionally, and materially some Cared families from developing communities in the spirit of love of neighbor, translating faith to action.  In the process, the Caring families develop deeper understanding of the plight of the poor, better appreciation of their blessings and stronger Christian values in their children, thus concretizing what St Pope John Paul II once said, "Nobody is so poor that he has nothing to give; and nobody is so rich that he has nothing to receive..."

Coordinator:  Emilia Capito

CoSHP Day:  Alay Kapwa Sunday (Palm Sunday)

Education Ministry


Launched in 2006, our Handog Paaral ng Parokya Program (HPP) extends financial and formational support to children from poor families in their elementary, high school and college/vocational education. As token of appreciation, beneficiaries and their parents serve the parish through membership in church organizations from where they receive further formation and spiritual guidance.

HPP is funded by our parish Balik-Handog Program. Graduates also help sustain the program by giving back a voluntary share of their monthly income.

Coordinator:  Judy San Mateo


Health and Wellness Ministry


Our Parish Clinic, which started operation in 2009, helps improve the health and well-being of the parishioners, especially the poor, through the following:

     * free consultation and medicines;

     *  referral to specialists or charity hospitals;

     * assistance in accessing public healthcare services and benefits;

     *  primary and preventive healthcare education;

     *  dental, optha and/or medical missions

Regular medical consultation services available are for pediatrics and general medicine. Other services depend on the availability of volunteer-medical practitioners. Registered nurses and trained clinic volunteers assist our doctors.

Medicine supplies are subsidized by Pondo ng Pinoy through our diocese, by our Parish balik-Handog Program and by donations from pharmaceutical companies and patients. 

Cordinator:  Precilla Gumogda



Our Tagumpay sa Isip at Gawa (TIG) seminar empowers participants by giving them tools to identify their God-given talents and skills and to develop and use them as their human capital for earning a living. Complementing the skills is the development of positive self-concept and the enhancement of their self-confidence.

The ministry also assists in the employment of graduates by informing them of job vacancies and/or by providing small capital for short-term and well-defined livelihood projects.

Coordinator:  Elvira Balinang


Good Governance, Public Affairs and Advocacy Ministry

Through community awareness activities, the Good Governance, Public Affairs and Advocacy Ministry advocates and encourages people's participation on public issues and on good governance. It invites residents to be actively involved in our barangay assemblies and to direct their concerns to the right parties. The ministry also works in partnership with Barangay Marcelo Green to complement common programs for the benefit of the community.

During elections, the GGPAA Ministry activates its Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and actively engages in voters' education and poll watching.



Disaster Risk Reduction Management Ministry

Though Disaster Awareness and Preparedness Seminars, the ministry capacitates families and communities in managing the potential impact of calamities and disasters. In times of emergencies, the ministry provides relief to victims through provision of food and other necessities. As post-disaster intervention, psycho-social and spiritual counselling is made available.  Our DRRM Ministry works in partnership with our Barangay Marcelo and Paranaque City DRRM for technical resource support.

Coordinator:  Nanette Mojica

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Ministry

     Justice and Peace: Through advocacy posters and seminars, the ministry creates awareness and educates parishioners on human rights issues and violations and their appropriate social actions.  Its priority program is Anti-Violence Against Women and Children.

                      Coordinator:  Kat Balinang

      Integrity of Creation:   Responding to Pope Francis' call in his encyclical, Laudato Si that we take care of our common home- the earth, the ministry pursues programs to create awareness on how we are contributing to climate change through our lifestyle choices and their impact to the life of Mother Earth and the poor. Our on-going programs are:  Bawal Plastik, Styro at Kalat and Trashure Hunt.

                   Coordinator:  Mariko Franca



Restorative Justice Ministry

Through this ministry, prisoners encounter the compassionate and merciful Jesus through the Christian Life Program given by the Handmaids of the Lord, CoSHP's partner in this ministry since 2003.

 With the aggressive drive of the government against drugs, this ministry is also tasked to put together and conduct a community-based drug recovery intevention for relapse prevention to drug surrenderers in Barangay Marcelo who are low and mild-risk drug users.  The program includes like skills for individuals and their families, livelihood, spiritual values formation, and aftercare support that will engage the whole community.

 Coordinator:  Lorna Kagingin





Daughters of Mary Immaculate

The organization unites Catholic women in a variety of opportunities for apostolic activity and strengthens the Catholic faith within the bonds of friendship. In order to have an active share in the life of the Church, the organization develops in its members the right apostolic attitude thereby leading them to do their share in the apostolic works in their community. The members are expected to develop active participation and/or involvement in the liturgical life of the community, exert energetic efforts to preserve a view of the whole human person in which the value of the intellect, will, conscience and fraternity are pre-eminent in a human and Christian spirit; and promote the good state of marriage and family life both by example and cooperation with people of good will. With the Knights of Columbus, the DMI holds its corporate Mass and meeting every fourth Sunday of the month.

Regent: Cita Alvarez


Divine Mercy Prayer Group

The group fosters devotion to the Divine Mercy, praying for the sick and the dying and for those in trouble. The group meets regularly for song, prayer, and discussion of Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the writings of St. Maria Faustina, as a small Christian community. The group aims for a revival in people's spiritual lives, thus developing genuineness in following God’s Will, through Jesus’ promise to trust in Him as His Mercy overflows for the one who surrenders completely to His will, plan and care.

Coordinator: Lourdes Amparo Tuason


Knights of Columbus

The group is composed of men who render financial aid to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. They promote social and intellectual fellowship among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. They also provide honor guards during solemn liturgical functions and processions. The organization holds its Corporate Mass and meeting every fourth Sunday of the month.

Grand Knight: Lorenzo Garcia Jr.

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