THE LOGO: The circles of people whose hands are intertwined symbolize the communion within the BECs. These communities are linked together by the outline of the cross which signifies the parish as communion of communities. It also includes other faith communities and organizations that are in the parish that – although trans-parochial in nature- are called to actively take part in the life of the parish and BECs. The outline of the cross also symbolizes the vertical and horizontal dimension of communion – communion with the Triune God and with each other. The bread and chalice at the center symbolize the Eucharist which is the sacrament and celebration of this communion. The Bible which is also at the center symbolizes the Word of God that is shared and proclaimed which is the source of faith and basis of communion and which nourishes and build up communion. The sun rays symbolize the light of Christ that shines in the life of the members of parish and these communities.

THE THEME: “Forming BECs as Agents of Communion, Participation and Mission” is a call to action for all the members of the parish, the BECs and the transparochial faith communities and organizations to work together to build up the BECs where communion is experienced and that actively participate in the prophetic mission of evangelization, in sanctification and liturgical celebration, and in the mission of social transformation and making the kingdom of God – a kingdom of justice, peace, harmony and freedom – a reality.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has declared 2017 as the Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities. The CBCP pastoral exhortation “On Era of New Evangelization” describes the focus of this year: “This is a year when we more deeply discern not only the structures of governance of our dioceses and parishes but also of the quality of faith life in the parish, the fellowship, belongingness, and participation by its members. In a special way we shall probe into our efforts of making the parish a communion of communities, a communion of Basic Ecclesial Communities and of covenanted faith-communities and ecclesial movements. We shall discern and implement measures on how communities of consecrated life may be more integrated into the life and mission of the parish. In brief, our focus will be the building of a parish that is truly a faith community immersed in the lives of its people.”

The priority for this year is forming and revitalizing of Basic Ecclesial Communities in every parish as agents of communion, participation and mission with the active participation of other faith communities, lay organizations, movements and associations (LOMAs).

The theme of 2017 is in line with the PCP II vision of a renewed Church which is also based on the Vatican II vision of the Church: The Church as Community of Disciples that live in communion and that participate in the mission of the Church as a priestly, prophetic and kingly people and as the Church of the Poor. For PCP II, this vision of the Church finds expression in the Basic Ecclesial Communities.



Loving God, you gather us as a people of the new covenant sealed with the blood of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. You formed us into a community of faith, hope and love; a priestly, prophetic and kingly people.

Humbly we ask you, make our parishes truly a communion of communities; a worshiping community, a witnessing and an evangelizing community, and a servant community.

Guide our pastor, the religious and lay leaders, and all those who labor in the parish, with your wisdom and love.

Bless all the parishioners who compose the parish and BEC’s, as they offer their time, talent and treasure as stewards of the graces you gifted us, for the building up of your Church.

May the Holy Spirit enlighten, inspire and invigorate us to actively participate in the mission you entrusted to us in the parish. May we continue to be a discerning community, reading the signs of the times and interpreting them in the light of the Gospel.

May we truly become the leaven in society by penetrating all its strata with the Gospel and restoring its order according to the values of the Kingdom.

And may the spirit of collaboration and co-responsibility bring us into a fuller and fruitful communion with you and with one another.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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