The Church believes that the young should not just be an object of her pastoral care; the youth are to be encouraged to be active as leading characters in evangelization and participants in the renewal of society. Youth is a time of intensive discovery of the self and a choice of life.  It is a time for growth in which they ought to progress "in wisdom, age and grace before God and people." (Lk 2:52)  This growth can happen through constant dialogue for "the church has so much to talk about with the youth, and the youth have so much to share with the Church.  This mutual dialogue, taking place with great cordiality, clarity and courage, will provide a favorable setting for the meeting and exchange between generations, and will be the source of richness and youthfulness of the church and the civil society." (Christifideles Laici, 139)

The Commission on Youth is a conglomeration of various youth groups in the parish, the renewal groups and the local community. It helps the youth focus their attention on the love of God and neighbor. Its programs and activities strive to bring out leadership qualities, develop skills in music and communications, foster a team spirit among the youth while at the same time giving glory to God. The CoY regularly organizes SaturG (Saturdays with God), an integral formation and training program that addresses spiritual growth, leadership, unity, justice, and social responsibility for the youth and youth leaders. It is the parish’s goal to have a functioning and empowered youth.

Coordinator:  Princess Mae Panesa


Assistant Coordinator:  Chen-Chen Lepania


Adviser:  Rommel Paul Adriano

CoY Day:  World Youth Sunday (when celebrated outside Rome)  
                  or December 16 (when WYD for the year is celebrated in Rome)


Youth members of different parish ministries are included in the CoY.  As volunteers in the church, these youth are witnesses of community life, bringing with them their rich experience of service, sharing the Good News to their peers by the art of living well - beginning and ending with the Lord. These parish youth groups include the Ministry of Altar Servers, the Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors, Music Ministry and the Legion of Mary Youth.  


The  renewal movements in the church center on the renewal of individual commitment to the person of Jesus Christ in His Church, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The youth’s involvement in these renewal groups is a sign of their desire to live more fully their Baptismal dignity and vocation as adopted sons and daughters of the Father, to know the redeeming power of Christ our Savior  in a more intense experience of individual and group prayer and to follow the teaching of the Scriptures by reading them in the light of the same Spirit. One of the most important results of this spiritual reawakening is the increased thirst for holiness which is seen in the lives of individuals and in the whole Church. The youth renewal groups affiliated with the parish CoY include members of Youth for Christ, Youth for Life and Bigkis Club.

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ is the youth arm of Couples for Christ (CFC) - a pontifical Catholic Christian movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of the Christian family life.  It takes part in the mission of its mother organization, the Couples for Christ movement in building the church of the home and in building the church of the poor.  The group promotes and  supports the youth’s thirst to enjoy life by empowering them to live life to its fullest, learning and growing with friends, recognizing  God’s presence in their friends.  The YFC is committed to live a life of faith that creates relevant impact on Philippine society.


Youth for Life

Youth for Life is a significant and crucial part of the overall mission of the Office of Respect Life. It strengthens and empowering the hearts of youth to defend life from conception to natural death in a culture that devalues the sanctity of life. Youth for Life keeps our young people close to God, arming them against the secular world trying to misinform and corrupt them.



BIGKIS is a youth group that seeks to personally encounter the Lord Jesus.  It also aims to establish relationships especially with the unchurched youth and share the Gospel in a fun and creative way.


Included in the Commission on Youth are local community-based youth groups, formidable groups in terms of number. These youth groups, based in the barangay, provide educational resources, leadership opportunities, and networking resources to the next generation of local leaders. These groups assist young leaders in developing projects that support social, economic and environmental development in the local level.  These groups are SIGA and the Barangay Youth Group.


Barangay Youth Group is composed of young people representing the youth in the barangay level, in the absence of the Sangguniang Kabataan. This organized youth group shall articulate and lobby the youth agenda to the barangay council.

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