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The origins and seeds of the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) go back to the beginnings of the Church: "They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." (Acts 2:42)   For many centuries of the Church's life, there have been Christians who have wanted to return to the Church's roots: to the fundamentals of the Christian faith, to the original Christian community, to the Church in the New Testament. It is in this context that the Basic Ecclesial Communities were developed in the 20th century. The characteristics of the early Christian Church: community (koinonia), mission (diakonia), instructions (kerygma) and worship (leiturgia) are alive in the Basic Ecclesial Communities.

The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines describes Basic Ecclesial Communities as "a small faith community of Christians, gathered together around the Word of God and the Eucharist, striving to integrate their faith in their daily life, in solidarity with one another, action for justice, and a vibrant celebration of life in the liturgy." (PCP II, 138-139).  BECs realize this vision of PCP II's renewed church, a community of disciples living in communion, participating in the mission of Christ as prophetic, priestly and kingly communities, and becoming a Church of the Poor.

The Commission on BEC Animation and the New Evangelization shares the parish’s vision of being communion of communities which finds expression in the Basic Ecclesial Communities. BEC as a way of life, is an instrument of formation and evangelization where Christ is brought to the daily lives and concerns of parishioners, more specifically, amongst neighbors. This core program is the main task of the commission initiated through regular meetings of neighbors (bukluran), sharing of the Gospel and their pains, struggles and victories. These small Christian communities become the local incarnation of the Church.

The "Live Christ, Share Christ" (LCSC) program is undertaken by the commission, a program aimed at bringing participants to a personal relationship with the Lord and getting them started on living a truly Spirit-filled life. It is about transformation in Christ and renewal in the Spirit. It brings nominal or lapsed Catholics back to God and the Church.

TriCoordinators:       Carmelo Cabriga
                                   Alex Cochon
                                   Lorna Kagingin

BEC Facilitators:                  
                                   Elizabeth D. Alvarez
                                   Ma. Elizabeth C. Anistoso
                                   Myra E. Benedicto
                                   Daisy D. Dadacay
                                   Oscar C. Dadacay
                                   Georgenia L. De Guia
                                   Josephine T. Flores
                                   Jesnor C. Jaicten
                                   Leoneva S.. Queja
                                   Carlito A. Queja
                                   Pilar D. Sadino
                                   Amalia C. Solo
                                   Arnalda R. Surban
                                   Epefania B. Zuniega

CoMBANE Day:  Pentecost Sunday

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