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The Church envisions catechesis as an integral element of her work of evangelization. Rooted in God's Revelation, lived fully by Jesus and communicated through the Spirit by the Church, catechesis is not only giving information but also a comprehensive faith formation that goes beyond instruction; it is an apprenticeship in Christian living.  Through this work, the Church "feeds her children with her own faith and incorporates them as members of the ecclesial family.  As a mother, the Church gives her members the Gospel in all its authenticity and purity as food, culturally enriched and a response to the deepest aspirations of the human heart" (General Directory for Catechesis, 79). 

The Commission on Catechesis and Religious Education assists and serves the parish principally as a center regarding catechetical development; coordinating with the various agencies and communities on matters affecting the promotion and development of Catholic education in the parish. The ComCARE primarily aims to provide spiritual development programs for parishioners such as the regular catechism classes conducted by volunteer catechists, regular Sunday school catechism,  a Bible Study, the May-time Flores de Maria and spiritual formation seminars. Catechists also prepare catechumens (and godparents) in the reception of baptism during the Easter Vigil and Sundays, and for young and adult Christians in the reception of Confirmation, the first Holy Communion and Holy Matrimony.  The commission also assists in the conduct of catechetical instruction in the barangay's elementary school. 

Coordinator:                                                   Lourdes Yogore

Catechists for Developing Communities:   Rosita Cadapan and the Sisters of the Congregation of St John the Baptist

Catechist for Sunday School:                      Ma Carmen Asinas

Adult Catechist:                                             Nenita Cruz

Catechists for Aroma:                                   Daughters of the Immaculate Conception of Charity

CoMCARE Day:  Last Sunday of September (Cathechetical Month)

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