Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the font from which all her power flows. For the aim and object of apostolic works is that all who are made sons of God by faith and baptism should come together to praise God in the midst of His Church, to take part in the sacrifice, to eat the Lord's Supper. (SC, 10)

The Vatican II reform of the liturgy took upon itself the task not only of defining the liturgy, but also the manner by which the liturgy is to be celebrated. One of the changes effected was the promotion of the active involvement of the laity in liturgy. Sacrosanctum Concilum states: "Mother Church earnestly desires that all the faithful should be led to that fully conscious and active participation in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy. Such participation by the Christian people as 'a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a redeemed people (1 Peter 2:9), is their right and duty by reason of their baptism." (SC, 14)

The Commission on Liturgy and Popular Religiosity is concerned with all liturgical functions and public devotions in the parish, ensuring that all liturgical celebrations are well prepared and celebrated so that a person who attends them will be drawn closer to the Eucharist. It approves of assignments of ministers/groups to any  liturgical service, implements changes and reforms in liturgy based on mandate from the Universal and local church, and existing church documents; plans for added liturgical celebrations (solemn Liturgy of the Hours, Advent and Lenten Penitential Services, Aguinaldo Masses, Sacred Paschal Triduum services, Living Rosary) and processions, prepares novena prayers during feasts and solemnities of saints and other special prayers mandated by the diocese.  It conducts periodic liturgical catechesis  to parish lay ministers and the community.  It also approves formation and other programs for its ministries, and endorses  financial requests from ministries. The commission meets every first Tuesday of the month.

Coordinator:                    Ramon Rafael Dolor

Assistant Coordinator:  Maria Elvira Ortega

CLPR Day:  Corpus Christi Sunday

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The ministry is composed of adult men tasked to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion during Masses.  They are also tasked to bring Holy Communion to the sick and the infirmed members of the parish. As needed, they may repose the Blessed Sacrament during Holy Hour.  Members of the ministry are encouraged to deepen their understanding and love of the sacrament of the Eucharist by study, prayer, scripture reading, and meditation. The ministry meets every third Saturday of the month.

Coordinator:   Vedasto  Lim

Ministry of Lectors, Commentators and Psalmists

The ministry proclaims the Word of God and instructs the community during liturgical services and ritual Masses.  They lead in the Liturgy of the Hours and novena prayers at appointed times.  They are tasked to give instructions to the community during Weddings, Funeral Masses and the Easter Vigil. Psalmists are tasked to lead the chanting of the psalm during Sunday and ritual masses. They may also rehearse the community new songs/hymns. In fulfilling their ministry, lectors and psalmists are expected to have proper understanding and appreciation of Scripture, preparation of liturgy, the technical use of the spoken and singing voice, and attention to acoustics and liturgical movement. The ministry meets every second Saturday of the month.

Coordinator:  Ma. Vilma  Fabian

Mother Butler Guild

The group is composed of Catholic laywomen who assist in the preparation and cleaning of all liturgical linens and vestments and ensure the cleanliness and beautification of the parish church. They also help prepare floral decorations in the sanctuary. Members of the guild are called to become servants of Jesus, called and chosen to serve the Church; handmaids of the Eucharist, drawing their life from the Eucharist; and housekeepers of the Lord, keeping in order the parish church. The guild meets every second Wednesday of the month.

President:  Ofelia Rivera

Ministry of Altar Servers

The ministry is composed of boys and young men who provide altar service during liturgical celebrations. The duties of the altar server include ensuring that all items required for the liturgical celebration are available at the appropriate moments. As ministers of liturgy, servers should participate in the celebration rather than merely observe it. Servers should listen, sing, and pray attentively. They are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. They may also be tasked to lead in processions. The ministry meets every Sunday afternoon.

Coordinator:  Wendil Surban

Music Ministry

Those who offer their musical talents for leading the assembly in sung prayer are pastoral musicians who serve as accompanists, instrumentalists, cantors, and choir members. They comprise volunteer music ministers in our parish. The Music Ministry leads the assembly in sung prayers. They ensure that singing the liturgy fosters “full, active and conscious participation” in the community.  Their role in liturgy is to enrich it. They should never dominate, compete or displace the assembly. Music should assist the assembled believers to express and share the gift of faith that is within them and to nourish and strengthen their interior commitment of faith. Music in liturgy must be well-prepared according to the occasion of the celebration and the season.  The Church’s vision of the Mass is a sung liturgy, as we prepare ourselves for the heavenly liturgy, in the endless hymn of praise to God with the angels and saints.

Coordinator:  Oliver Neil Rodriguez

Assistant Coordinator:  Rizalino Bernardino

Choir Directors:

     Mater Boni Consilii Grand Choir             Oliver Neil Rodriguez

     United for Christ Music Ministry Choir  Oliver Neil Rodriguez

     Apostleship of Prayer Choir                     Ma Rosanna Labrador

     HarmoniUs Choir                                      Ma Rosanna Labrador

     Marriage Encounter II Buklod Choir      Jonna Jimenez

     Marriage Encounter Youth Action          Jasmin Bautista-Cudiamat

     Young Professionals Choir                       Ma Paulita Asor

     Kids/Teens Choir                                        Ma Paulita Asor

     CFC-FFL Choir                                             Noricar Villarino

     Knights of Columbus Music Ministry     Vincent Jacela

     Baptistine Sisters                                      Sister Judith Bueno, CSSJB

             Instrumentalists:  Michelle Lopez
                                              Gian Timothy Dumadag
                                              Evangeline Quismorio

Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors

This ministry sets the tone for worship. The usher, who should be comfortable meeting and greeting others, extends a sense of welcome to mass-goers prior to prayer. Such qualities are a blessing, especially to the stranger or to those who do not attended Mass in our parish on a regular basis. Greeters are stationed at each door of the church as people arrive for worship. They ensure the smooth flow of movement of people during the Presentation of Gifts, Communion and Good Friday Adoration of the Cross.  They are expected to address instances of emergency or commotion during liturgical celebrations.  They account for the collection during the Offertory and second collections. The ministry meets every fourth Thursday of the month.

Penta-Coordinators:    Alexander Cochon

                                       Annabelle Carreon
                                       Lorna Kagingin
                                       Cora Franca
                                       Epifania Zuniga                                                                              

Ministry of Sacristans

The Sacristan Ministry is a “behind-the-scenes” service which can be performed by individuals who wish to perform a needed service, but do not wish to be visible to the congregation.  The entire service of this ministry occurs before and after the Mass Liturgy. The sacristan is tasked to set up the books and  sacred vessels before Mass.  After Mass, the sacristan takes the vessels to the sacristy and sets them on the counter.  He assures order and silence in the sacristy. The sacristan in harmony with the pastor, also makes sure that the vestments, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and decorative objects are kept in good condition and, if necessary, sent for gilding or repair. 


Wedding Ministry Team

The ministry facilitates all arrangements for wedding rites, assisting the couple in the preparation of canonical, material, spiritual and liturgical requirements of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. They ensure that all pertinent documents are completed and submitted to the parish office for proper recording and compilation within a specified period of time. The team likewise assists in the actual celebration of the wedding rite, ensuring the smooth flow of the celebration.

Coordinator:  Ma Nanette Mojica

Members:      R. Rafael Dolor or his Representative
                         Ma Joyce Pavino or her Representative
                         Lourdes Yogore or her Representative
                         Ofelia Rivera or her Representative
                         Lorna Kagingin or her Representative
                         Oliver Neil Rodriguez or his Representative

Apostleship of Prayer

The organization is composed of men and women who make a daily offering of themselves to the Lord and pray for the Holy Father's monthly intentions.  They help propagate the habit of daily prayer, encouraging a Eucharistic spirituality and loving service to others.  They also help propagate devotion to the Blessed Eucharist especially on First Fridays of the month and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The group also organizes with the Sto Domingo Laboratories, the bi-annual Laboratory and Medical Examinations for parishioners.

President:  Rovilla Macahilig

Legion of Mary

The group is composed of men and women who foster devotion to the Blessed Mother through rosary recitation, catechetical instruction and floral devotions on May and October.  They undertake works of mercy through visitation of families, the sick, both in their homes and in hospitals and through collaboration in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored by the parish. The conduct of catechism is done in close coordination and under the supervision of the Commission on Religious Education and Catechesis. The Legion of Mary has both active and auxiliary members.  Active members actively attend meetings and actively minister.  Auxiliary members support the group through their commitment in praying the rosary. The organization meets every Friday afternoon.

President:  Lorenzo Garcia Jr.

The Cenacle Prayer Group

A group of committed Catholics who gather as Mary and the  apostles did in the Upper Room (Cenacle of the Holy Spirit). This group, under the mantle of Mary, daily prays the rosary for priests, for the Church in general, and for the needs of our parishioners.  This rosary recitation is done after the weekday morning Mass.

Coordinator:  Nancy Singh

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